Terms & Conditions

Cat In The Bag Containers (CITB) outsources delivery to local couriers at same or near cost in order to streamline the purchasing process for our Customers who do not have their own delivery method. CITB is waived of any and all liability that is associated with your container delivery.

Clients are able to request specified locations for their merchandise to be delivered. If any complications arise during the delivery process, the customer is fully responsible for ensuring the delivery truck is moved and/or towed accordingly.

Cat In The Bag “CITB” shall have no liability for loss or damage due to any late or delayed deliveries. If any equipment you’ve purchased is lost, damaged, or stolen while in transit, the customer must file a claim with the delivering carrier per the US Department of Transportation guidelines.
Additionally, if CITB’s issuance of any sales invoice is, in whole or part, prevented or hindered in any manner, CITB has the right to cancel all portions of the sales invoice without any liability on its part of all impacted areas of the invoice and applicable refunds.

If an order is canceled, the customer shall be subject to cancellation fees of $30.00 per container as well as a $150 per container restocking fee when applicable.
This includes any and all credit card charges plus any transaction fees incurred by CITB.

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For any inquiries, please complete the below form in its entirety and a member of the CITB team will be in contact within 24 business hours. For immediate assistance, please call (888) 984-2482 during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Thank you!