WWT Containers

Wind & Water Tight Containers

About WWT Containers

Wind & Water Tight Containers are carefully sealed to ensure no wind or water can penetrate the unit. Although cosmetic blemishes may be present, rest assured our WWT containers are true to their name and perfect for storing and protecting items.

What To Expect

WWT containers commonly have minor or moderate areas of rust, some dents or dings around the container, and functional doors that may not operate very smoothly (but that issue can usually be rectified with some WD-40). Also, there is no guarantee to the strength of the understructure, meaning they can no longer be stacked on steamships and considered seaworthy.

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Our Vow To Transparency

CITB Containers will always show our Clients the good, bad, and ugly to ensure we’re setting honest expectations. Used shipping containers aren’t always the best looking cosmetically; However, we thoroughly inspect each unit so that we can attest to their functionality.

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